Civilian activities:

VV Africa Trading company is mainly involved in international trading activities and brokerage in the civil sphere. While providing a trade with special material and machinery for different states army and the police (see Military special section).

Our company is active in the Czech Republic and especially in foreign markets. We represent Czech societies in finding suitable business partners and ensure their business continuity in some African and Asian countries as well.

Some of our core business activities include:

  • delivery of Czech microbreweries starting from drawing individual design to delivery and installation of whole production technology, including participation of Czech brewers in teaching local staff (upon individual agreement and contracts with customers)
  • providing supply of the best hops from ŽATEC region and malt directly from local producers and suppliers
  • supply of small distilleries for preparation of home or commercial fruit brandy to foreign customers
  • supply of small garden tractors and tillers, including extensive accessories to some African countries
  • offer of African brocade material, including hotels and restaurants from higher categories (especially for African equatorial countries market)
  • special offer of bio generators PROMETHEUS where electrical energy is obtained from burned wood pellets (for some African and Asia countries)
  • according to individual requirements, we also ensure supply of used trucks and commercial vehicles, with focus on brand TATRA, different industrial and building machinery and equipment
  • providing complete supply of medical equipment and devices to hospitals according to our clients´ needs
  • preparing complete construction projects (industrial buildings, halls, hotels ...) for Czech companies abroad
  • preparing foreign Hydro-projects with focus on African market in cooperation with Czech manufacturer of water turbines.

VV Africa Trading, ltd. also represents some foreign companies in the Czech and European market, as well as it trades with some raw materials, such as:

Cathode copper 99,99%

We sell Non registered cathode copper for a very interesting price in cooperation with our partner companies in RDC (Democratic Congo), Tanzania and Zambia.
The sale of cathode copper takes place only after a personal inspection of buyers in our warehouses, or in company of international inspection teams upon a request of the customer. Business is always conducted under commercial conditions Incoterms 2010 “FOB port” in the Dar es Salaam port (Tanzania). When taking larger quantities of cathode copper a trade under “CIF port” conditions in an agreed international port can be arranged in cooperation with the seller/owner of copper.
Unlike most sellers we emphasize personal relationships with buyers, and our partners do not have to pay any deposit or prepayments when purchasing the cathode copper with us. The payment is always made after a personal or international inspection in the agreed port (CIF port) using L/C method.


Based on our long-standing personal contacts in business and experience with this commodity in African countries, we provide purchase and sale of gold in the form of sand and nuggets in the quality of 85-96 %, from the following countries: RDC, Tanzania, Zambia and Quinée (depending on clients´ needs).
The gold is always melted down into kilogram bricks under the physical presence of customer who then receives all necessary export documents. The melting procedure takes place only in state refineries and is subsequently accompanied with the official certificate of quality (purity). All sales to retail investors and interested parties are possible from 1 kg to tens of kilograms of gold per month under the above mentioned conditions of sale.
We are currently negotiating with approximately 10 companies for their exclusive representation in the European market.

Ores and minerals

On the request of our business partners we can also ensure the supply and sale of Coltan ore from Rwanda (25-29%). The sale will take place only after a personal or international team inspection in official stores (warehouse) in Rwanda.
The detailed sales conditions will be given to all potential candidates and companies personally.
We can secure sale and supply of aluminum ingots of quality 99.7%, iron (HMS 1 & 2), tungsten and tin ore from Rwanda of the purity starting from 95%.
We are also able to deliver other goods, e.g.: fruits and vegetables : rice from Pakistan, honey from India, fruits from EU countries….
The company VV Africa Trading cooperates with prominent Asian and African companies, with whom we are negotiating their exclusive representation in the Czech and European market (now negotiating with 8-10 global companies).

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