Civilian Services

The core business of VV Africa Trading, Ltd. consists of trading and brokering the export and import of goods.

VV Africa Trading, Ltd. operates in the Czech Republic, elsewhere in Europe, and, more importantly, on other international markets based on clients' needs and requirements.

In certain African and Asian countries, we represent Czech enterprises in their search for suitable local trading partners and manage their business interests and operations.

Overview of main business activities:

  • Buying and selling minerals, raw materials, and gold from Africa, where we have partnerships with local mining companies – see additional information in the gold/copper section
  • The delivery of microbreweries on an engineering, procurement, and construction basis, ranging from custom design to the complete delivery and installation of all production technology, including the presence of a Czech brewmaster in training delivered to local staff based on an individual agreement with the client
  • Supplying original hops and malt local producers and suppliers from the Žatec Region in the Czech Republic
  • Supplying micro-distilleries for the production of fruit brandy to private clients and producers in various parts of the world
  • Supplying small garden tractors and cultivatorsmade by VARI Corporation, including a large assortment of accessories
  • Brokering and organizing the supply of tractors made by the ZETOR Corporation on African and Asian markets, including Czech-made tractor-pulled agricultural and cultivation machinery
  • Supplying African brocade, mainly for countries in equatorial Africa
  • Supplying canned pork, beef, and chicken meat, including halal products, from a Czech producer
Civilian activities Civilian activities Civilian activities Civilian activities

Thanks to the fact that VV Africa Trading, Ltd. has partnership with several African mining companies that supply such raw materials as copper, coltan, and chromium, we are able to guarantee the following business terms, which apply generally to the delivery of all raw materials and gold:

  • Raw materials are delivered under the "CIF Port" conditions as per Incoterms 2010. In addition, arrangements can be made to deliver goods under the "FOB port" conditions in Dar es Salaam (Tanzania). Kindly note that we do not deliver goods to the international warehouse due to problems with using these facilities encountered in the past.
  • We guarantee the minimum and maximum quantity of all raw materials under one-year contracts that are subject to strictly defined financial terms.
  • Payment by letter of credit (DLC MT700). All payments are made after goods are inspected and verified at the point/port of delivery. No advance payment is required.
  • All our transactions are guaranteed through a 2% performance bond offered to the buyer.